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Welcome to the official Taskman Wiki!

If you've begun an adventure with this unique way of playing RuneScape, you probably have a few questions which this site will hopefully be able to answer. Try searching your task title or ID (found on the task list in the bottom left hand corner) or click one of the links below.

Not everything here is up-to-date and may even be incorrect or against the rules so please be cautious. "If something sounds silly in the context of the mode, it probably is".

Useful links

Setting up your account

Early sources of money, gear and food

"What task do I need to roll to complete this quest?"

Frequently Asked Questions

Rules of the Taskman Challenge

Recent Updates to the Challenge

How can I help?

Take a look at the list of article stubs to see if you can flesh out anything first - if there are none, then start adding other task articles - the list of broken redirects is a good place to start!

Anyone is allowed to edit and update the taskman wiki.