Add an Omni-talisman to your wicked hood

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The details on this page are kept for historical purposes, but are unlikely to change in the future.
Add an Omni-talisman to your wicked hood
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An Omni-Talisman can be obtained from Wizard Elriss after showing a wicked hood with every talisman in it, or by showing one of each of the talismans to her. Obtaining a Death talisman requires completion of the Mourning Ends Part II quest.
Tier Medium
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Blood Talismans are a common reward from burning Vyre corpses, with one guaranteed to appear during the Legacy of Seergaze quest.

Soul Talismans can be found during Shifting Tombs - while they also drop from some creatures in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon, their Slayer level requirements are far too high for the Medium tier.


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