Charge the Naragi engram at the Memorial to Guthix

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Charge the Naragi engram at the Memorial to Guthix
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Requires 500 Pale energy and 80 Memory strands. Charging the engram is done during the Memorial to Guthix tutorial. You can click on Memory strands in your currency pouch to teleport to the Memorial and speak with Orla Fairweather to start the tutorial.
Tier Beginner
ID(s) 1R7V 
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Finding the engram

The naragi engram is an item used in the Memorial to Guthix Distraction and Diversion. It is given by Orla Fairweather to the player during the tutorial for the activity, she can be found standing in front of the memorial. For a quick teleport to the memorial of guthix, click on the memory strands.


This engram is charged using the following items:

Prestige Strands Pale energy
1 80 500
2 112 700
3+ 144 900