Complete the Beginner Lumbridge achievement diary

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Complete the Beginner Lumbridge achievement diary
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Speak to Jack the Explorer in Lumbridge upon completion.
Tier Beginner
ID(s) 1XKL 
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The following Skills and Quests are needed to complete the Beginner Lumbridge diary (24 Achievements):

You will also need the following items:

  • An empty pot (obtainable at the task location)


Name Description Levels/Quests Required Notes
A Grave Consideration Look through Father Aereck's selection of gravestones. The Restless Ghost Father Aereck is in the church south-east of the Lumbridge lodestone.
Doom! Speak with the Doomsayer about the Warning System. None The Doomsayer is north of Lumbridge lodestone.
Shrimpin' Ain't Easy Catch some shrimp in the fishing spot to the east of Lumbridge Swamp. None Keep hold of the shrimp for another achievment.
Master of All I Survey Climb to the highest point in Lumbridge. None Climb the ladder on the northern side of the bank on the Lumbridge Castle roof.
Raise the Roof Raise the flag on the roof of the Lumbridge bank. None
Hail to the Duke, Baby Speak to Horacio, the Duke of Lumbridge. None Horacio is located on the 1st floor[UK] of Lumbridge Castle.
Window Shopping Browse the Lumbridge general store. None The General Store is north of Lumbridge Castle.
Grinding My Gears Grind some flour in Lumbridge's mill. None The mill is found north-west of Lumbridge, wheat and a pot can be obtained at the mill and nearby field.
Sage Advice Talk to the Lumbridge Sage. None The Lumbridge Sage can be found to the east of Lumbridge Castle.
Tinkle the Ivories Play the organ in the Lumbridge's church. None The organ is in the same church as Father Aereck.
Docking Out Enter Al Kharid via its west gate. None You need to enter via the path south of Lumbridge, just north of the fishing spot.
The Rules of Engagement Find out about the Rules of Conduct from the town crier in Draynor. None The town crier circulates the marketplace.
Take Your Pick Mine some copper in the mining spot to the south-east of Lumbridge Swamp. None
Ring My Bell Ring the bell in Lumbridge's church. None The bell is located on the 2nd floor[UK]
In the Countyard Enter the courtyard of Draynor Mansion. None Draynor Manor is located just north of the Draynor Village lodestone.
Tower Power Climb to the top of the Wizards' Tower. None The Wizards' Tower is south of Draynor. The Wicked Hood can teleport you here if you have had the task to unlock it.
Beware of Pigzilla Visit Draynor Village market. None The market is south-west of the lodestone. Seeds can be purchased here from Olivia.
Wait, That's Not a Sheep Visit Fred the Farmer's chicken and sheep farm None Fred's chicken and sheep farm is located north of Lumbridge, west of the River Lum.
The Nexus Has You Visit to Ysondria at the Nexus to find out more. None Ysondria is marked by the yellow star in Lumbridge swamp on the map. The Nexus is a slow Prayer training method for when you have a task requiring Prayer xp.
The Fruit of the Sea Sell a raw shrimp to Lumbridge's fishing shop. None The fishing shop is north of Lumbridge Castle.
Clay More Mine some clay from the clay rocks north-west of the Lumbridge flour mill. None The clay rocks are north-east of the Draynor lodestone. Keep hold of this for the next achievement.
Just Add Water Make some soft clay. None This must be done in the potter's house in the northernmost house of Draynor Village. You can use the clay directly on a nearby water source (the one just south of the Draynor pottery house, for example) instead of needing a bucket of water.
Very Potter Make a pot on a potter's wheel. None Needs to be done on the wheel in the same house as the previous achievement.
Hotpot Fire a pot in a pottery oven. None Needs to be done in the same house as the previous two achievements.


Upon completion of the achievements, talk to Explorer Jack, located north of Lumbridge Castle, indicated by the green star on the map. He will give you a lamp granting 500xp in any skill, some coins, and the Explorer's Ring 1, which has the following perk:

When worn:

  • Restore 50% run energy (1 charge daily).