Complete the Easy Falador achievement diary

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Complete the Easy Falador achievement diary
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Speak to Redbeard Frank in Port Sarim upon completion.
Tier Beginner
ID(s) 1ZB1 
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The following Skills and Quests are needed to complete the Easy Falador diary (15 Achievements):

  • 25 Defence;
  • 16 Construction.

You will also need the following items:

  • 1650 coins;
  • A spade;
  • A tinderbox;
  • Cheese;
  • A bucket;
  • A mind talisman;
  • A tiara;
  • Runes to cast an elemental spell;
  • A magical weapon to cast an elemental spell;
  • A weapon with longer range than normal melee weapons can be required if you can not find a duck on land. Halberds will work.


Name Description Levels/Quests Required Notes
Amulet of Weedspeak Buy a Farming amulet from Sarah on the farm north of Port Sarim. None Sarah is found in the farmhouse that lies between Falador and Port Sarim.
The Good Stuff Buy a stat-boosting beer from a waitress in the Rising Sun Tavern None The Rising Sun Tavern is found near the bridge that leads to the White Knights' Castle.
Chain Store Buy a black chainbody from Wayne's Chains and try it on in the shop. 25 Defence Wayne's Chains is located slightly west of Falador's south entrance. The chainbody has to be equiped inside his store.
Sir Mitt Climb to the top of the White Knights' Castle None A set of stairs in the western tower will take you to the highest point.
Family Values Discover your family crest from Sir Renitee 16 Construction Sir Renitee can be found in the eastern part of the White Knights' Castle after going up one floor.
Sniffing Out the Mole Enter the mole's lair under Falador Park. None The entrance can be found near the bridge over the small pond in the western side of the park.
Chinchompa Powered! Feed Ridgeley, the hairdresser's pet. None The hairdresser can be found in the north-western corner of Falador, feed a piece of cheese to the pet in the hamster wheel.
Fill Yer Bucket Fill a bucket from the pump north of the west Falador bank. None A bucket can be obtained from the general store right next to the pump.
Elementary Medicine Heal an elemental wizard by casting an appropriate spell on him. None The wizards are found slightly northwest of Port Sarim, cast a spell of the same element as the wizard to complete the achivement.
It's Not Wabbit Season Kill a duck in Falador Park. None You could need a weapon with some range in order to complete this achievement, Halberds will work.
My Way or the Highway Kill a highwayman on the road south of Falador. None Highwaymen are weak to water spells, but shouldn't provide much of a challenge with any combat style.
Making My Mind Up Make a mind tiara. None The mind tiara is made by using a mind talisman on the mind altar which can be found north east of Goblin Village, which in turn is north of Falador.
Mudskip the Light Fantastic Recharge your Prayer points at the altar south-west of Port Sarim. None The altar is in a church slightly southwest of the Port Sarim lodestone.
Disarm and Embark Take the boat to Entrana None The boat is found in the north part of the docks in Port Sarim. Talk to one of the monks to travel to Entrana, you can not bring any combat related items there, so if you have some on you, deposit them in the nearby bank deposit box.
Going Along With the 'Fro Talk to Party Pete. None Party Pete can be found in the Party Room east of Falador Park.


Upon completion of the achievements, talk to Redbeard Frank, located on the northern part of the docks in Port Sarim, indicated by the green star on the map. He will give you a 1000xp lamp for a skill level 30 or higher (if you do not have a skill you can use it on, you must use it on the first skill that reaches 30, or destroy the lamp) and the Falador shield 1, which has the following perks:

When worn:

  • Ability to use a new emote by operating the shield when worn.

When operated:

  • Once per day you can restore up to 25% prayer points.