Complete the Easy Seers' Village achievement diary

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Complete the Easy Seers' Village achievement diary
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Speak to any Seer in Seers' Village upon completion.
Tier Beginner
ID(s) L9KL 
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The following Skills and Quests are needed to complete the Easy Seer's village diary (12 Achievements):


  • 21 Cooking;
  • 16 Fishing;
  • 12 Farming;


You will also need the following items:

  • 3 coins;
  • 5 cider (see below: Happy Hour);
  • 1 bucket of milk (can milk a cow in the Sinclair Mansion);
  • 5 empty pot (can reuse the same);
  • 3 jute seed (can be bought from Olivia in Draynor village);
  • 1 poison chalice (sold by Stankers at the coal truck mines, east of McGrubor's woods, Don't drink it);


Name Description Levels/Quests Required Notes
Reflax Actions Pick five flax from the flax field.
  • None
Pick 5 flax at the field south of Seers' Village
Why? Walk clockwise around the big mysterious statue.
  • None
Walk clockwise around the mysterious statue which is located east of the bank in Seers' Village.

Players can run or walk around the statue. Players must start at the east end of the statue and cannot stop until they have made a full cycle, or they will have to start again. Walking around the statue without pausing is easier than running.

Players must turn off walk animations in order to complete this achievement.

Stir, Galahad Have Sir Galahad make you a cup of tea
  • None
Talk to him in his house east of McGrubor's Wood
La Morte D'Arthur Take a poison chalice to King Arthur
  • None
King Arthur can be found on the ground floor of Camelot Castle.
Another String to Your Bow Spin five bowstrings
  • None
Spin 5 bowstrings at the spinning wheel upstairs in the second building south of the elemental workshop. Use the ladder to go upstairs to the spinning wheel.

Using the Spin Flax spell in the Lunar spellbook will not complete this achievement.

Bunch of Flours Fill five pots with flour from the Sinclair Mansion. Fill five pots with flour from the barrel full of flour in the kitchen of the Sinclair Mansion. You can fill a single pot five times, emptying after each refill to reuse the pot.
Happy Hour Give 5 locals a glass of cider in the Forester's Arms.
  • 14 Cooking
See below Complete the Easy Seers' Village achievement diary#Happy_Hour on how to make cider.
Jute Alors! Plant some jute.
  • 13 Farming
Plant 3 jute seeds. Planting them is enough, you don't need to harvest
Sinclair Swirling Use the churn in the Sinclair Mansion garden. You can milk the cows in the garden for a bucket of milk. The churn can be found east of the house, north from the stall.
Grand Candle Buy a candle from the candle maker
  • None
Buy a white candle from the seller in Catherby, a black candle won't work
A Seer-ing Light Pray at Seers' Village altar
  • None
Mack Rolled Catch a mackerel
  • 16 Fishing
Catch a raw mackerel with a big fishing net at Catherby beach

Happy Hour[edit]

This task requires you to hand 5 ciders to the locals. The only way to gather cider, without questing (which isn't allowed by the rules), is to brew it yourself. This can be done at a fermenting vat. One is located upstairs in the pub in east Keldagrim, you can get there by going in the cave northeast of the fremennik lodestone and then travel with the boatsmen inside the cave. Starting 'The Giant Dwarf' quest is not required for travelling there.

Note about timegate: brewing goes in cycles of 12h and usually takes a few days, the brew can also fail making you restart. Therefore you can timegate this task, rule #4 by completing all the other tasks in the easy diary and completing and claiming rewards as soon as you get 5 glasses of cider.

Brewing cider[edit]

The following items are required for brewing cider:

  • 16 cooking apples (there are a few spawns in the cooking guild or dropped by giant spiders)
  • 4 buckets
  • a pot (spawns near the fermenting vat)
  • ale yeast (can be bought from the dwarf at the fermenting vat)

Mush the apples using the apple barrel next to the vat, then brew the cider. You can check every 12h or daily, checking more often is a waste of time since every cycle takes at least 12h. Expect the brew to take about 3-5 days.


Speak to any Seer, who is located in Seers' Village, to claim the rewards for the easy achievement set:

  • An antique lamp granting 1,000 experience (in the skill of choice of level 30 or higher)
  • 10–4,096 coins per achievement
  • Seer's headband 1, which grants the following bonuses:
    • When worn:
      • Receive 2 logs instead of 1 when cutting normal trees, no extra experience is received
    • When operated:
      • When carried, acts as a dim light source
    • Always:
      • Once a day claim 30 noted flax from Geoffrey
      • Coal trucks will hold an additional 28 coal (252 total)