Complete the Medium Daemonheim achievement diary

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Complete the Medium Daemonheim achievement diary
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Speak to Marmaros, the Rewards Trader upon completion. N.B. The Frost dragon can only be found on Frozen floors(floors 1-11). Doing medium or large floors increase the chances of getting an altar and Frost dragon.
Tier Easy
RS Wiki page Daemonheim achievements

Totem Pole Position[edit]

Guide from

  1. Start at the Baxtorian Waterfall dungeon.
  2. Teleport to Varrock, making sure you have a brass key. Go into the Edgeville dungeon and open the dungeon with the hill giants and then the one with the Chaos Druids (warning: Wilderness!).
  3. Teleport to Karamja lodestone, run to the volcano, go in, and get to the resource dungeon there.
  4. Teleport to Falador, run past the party room into that tiny shack, down the stairs, and open the resource dungeon directly opposite you.
  5. Finish up by teleporting to Dameonheim peninsula with your dungeoneering ring, then running all the way South a bit and East, and into the final resource dungeon to complete the task.