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Accidental Task Completions[edit]

Q: I accidentally completed a task that wasn't my current (got a drop that counts as a task), what do I do?

A: All taskmen are able to manually mark a task complete by searching for it on the site, clicking the tick on the right side, and entering the time/KC and selecting the unique (if applicable).

Temple Trekking Tomes[edit]

Q: I've done a few Temple Trekking runs and gotten some reward tokens. Can I use them on XP books, Swampletics style?

A: No, Temple Trekking XP tomes are off-limits, as there are a number of different skills that can gain XP from those tomes.

Early Money Making[edit]

Q: I need money, how can I start building a cash stack up?

A: The usual method of gaining early money for taskmen is killing Giant frogs in the Lumbridge Swamp caves, whose legs can be sold to Hudo in the Grand Tree with no quest requirements.

You may also clear the first three levels of the Stronghold of Security for the 10,000 GP reward. The final level must be left until you have the task to obtain the boots from it.

Additionally, as you reach each 25 Quest Point threshold, you can claim a Magical Dice from May, based at the Varrock lodestone, which contains a significant amount of raw GP and also grants a random clue scroll reward item (which does not count towards the clue scroll logs).

Further to this, as you complete tasks related to achievement diaries, you may go and claim the GP rewards from Explorer Jack in Lumbridge - however you may not complete additional achievements off-task that would increase this yield.

In-Game Time[edit]

Q: The site has boxes to fill for 'D' and 'H' - what are these and what should I put there?

A: Those boxes allow you to provide the days and hours played when completing a task. You can get this time by either talking to Hans in Lumbridge, or by visiting your RuneMetrics profile, a link to which is provided on the site dashboard at the bottom-right of the current task window.

Detailed Task Information[edit]

Q: I have no idea how to go about my current task! Is there any other information available?

A: All tasks have a link to the relevant article on the official Runescape wiki, so you can click it to get further information on how to complete the task. Some tasks may also have a separate page on the Taskman wiki, which is generally used for taskman specific notes, and you may add some information of your own there if you like.

Boosting Skills[edit]

Q: Am I allowed to use items to boost my skills to meet requirements for a task?

A: Yes, you may boost your skills to reach skill requirements (or to make items beyond your level that would be beneficial). However, bear in mind that boosting for a requirement only postpones your need to get the level for it normally, and later tasks may require longer grinds as a result. Also, nearly all quest requirements cannot be boosted, so bear this in mind when deciding to boost a skill.

Magic Logs[edit]

Q: How do I obtain the magic logs required for Desert Treasure in the Medium tier? My Woodcutting level is not high enough.

A: There are several viable ways to obtain the logs if you didn't get them already:

  • Take part in the Taskman Beastmaster kills and hope for a magic log drop.
  • Catch Nature implings and loot them.
  • Defeat the Abomination, if you have managed to unlock that.
  • Open a Crystal Triskelion if you have one, as magic logs are a possible drop from it.
  • Complete a reaper for bosses that can drop them, if you are able to.
  • Get a contract on Waiko for an Uncharted Isle mob that drops magic logs - travel to a new uncharted isle (your claimed one won't work) and kill the mobs.

Early GWD1 Trips[edit]

Q: How can I improve my trips to the God Wars Dungeon?

A: Billy has produced a handy guide for taskman God Wars strategies here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jCjpbIO_sBTSxnzN1z5UsEXw5PEfGs5OOJZr5p2zR5U/edit?usp=sharing

Waterbirth Island[edit]

Q: Can I (or do I need to) complete The Fremennik Trials to access Waterbirth Island?

A: No. Jarvald's default "Travel-Waterbirth" option is locked until completion of the quest, but you can access the island by talking to him (options 2, 2) and paying 1,000gp.


Early Passive Tasks[edit]

Eash tier requires the completion of a certain number of passive tasks to progress (which are listed in the rules - there will also be an indicator on the dashboard if you don't have enough to progress to the next tier). Passives vary wildly in difficulty and time commitment, and some may not be available to you at all due to stat, quest or task requirements.

The following passive tasks are completable on a fresh or near-fresh taskman:

  • Arc Birds and Castaways - After unlocking access to the Arc through one of a few Beginner tier tasks, you may come back and find birds and castaways on various days. The currently available birds and castaways are shown on the Taskman site dashboard, and change daily.
  • Cats of Menaphos - After gaining access to Menaphos through tasks in Beginner tier, you may observe cats wandering around the city on various days of the week. The currently available cat is shown on the Taskman site dashboard, and changes daily.
  • Clans achievements - There is a passive task to complete basic achievements relating to Clan Citadels, which have no requirements and can be completed at any open Clan Citadel, including but not limited to our own.
  • The Shaman Outfit - Obtainable through the weekly Familiarisation minigame, which has no requirements and gives no experience, which means it can be done at any time.

Seers' Village Easy Diary[edit]

Where do I get cider?

There are two sources for cider normally - brewing it in Port Phasmatys or Keldagrim, or buying it from a vendor on Etceteria.

However, access to Etceteria is locked behind a task in Medium tier, so it's not available when you encounter the Seers' Village Easy achievement diary.

This means you must brew the cider yourself for the purposes of this task.

How do I make cider?

As mentioned above, cider can be brewed in either Keldagrim or Port Phasmatys. Both locations can be accessed without quests, however Keldagrim is preferred as it has a slightly higher success rate of brewing.

You need the following items:

  • 16 cooking apples
  • 4 empty buckets
  • 1 ale yeast

The cooking apples can be obtained from a few places:

  • By picking them from a mature apple tree, requiring 27 Farming.
  • By gathering them from spawns in the Cooking Guild, requiring 32 Cooking and a chef's hat.
  • By killing giant spiders near Lumbridge Castle, at a 1/64 drop rate.

The ale yeast can be purchased at either brewery - you'll need to bring a pot to keep it in.

Once you have all of these, use your apples on the apple barrel to turn them to mush, and then use the buckets of mush on the fermenting vat along with the yeast to begin the process. Note that the process can fail, which means you need to gather all the materials and start it again.

This can take several days to complete.

Do I need to wait for it to finish?

No, the rule regarding time-gated tasks applies here, so you can complete the rest of the diary and mark the task complete, making sure to come back periodically to check the cider's progress.


After an update in 2012, the Priest in Peril quest is not required to access Morytania - you may opt to kill the ghoul that is guarding the doorway in the Paterdomus mausoleum that leads to Morytania without completing the quest.

Clues and Hidey-holes[edit]

As part of your journey, you'll encounter tasks requiring you to get unique items from clue scrolls. Sometimes, you'll need to gather pieces of equipment and use specific emotes at a location - and all of these locations have a nearby rock, crate or other object that can be converted into a hidey-hole to store the required items. You may only construct these hidey-holes if all of the following requirements are met:

  • You have the required Construction level to make the hidey-hole already;
  • You have the specific emote clue for the hidey-hole you're building, and;
  • You are currently on an active task to get uniques from that tier of clue scroll.

Some of the items required for these clue scrolls can be hard to come by. Generally speaking, if you are required to complete a quest or train a skill to access an item, you are allowed to do so. Some notable items (and item categories):

  • Blue/Yellow Flowers: Grown from Mithril seeds, 40 of which are awarded from the Waterfall Quest - which this clue allows you to do. Note that if you do not get the correct flower colours within those 40 seeds, you may NOT complete Legends' Quest to be able to buy more.
  • Bronze Spear: Usually purchased from the Warriors' Guild, or made after the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest. Neither option is available in Beginner tier - thankfully, there is still a spawn in the Haunted Mine you can use. See the Bronze spear article on this wiki for more information.
  • Holy Symbol: Dropped by Warped Bats and some other creatures in the Lumbridge Catacombs, after completing The Blood Pact. If you do not have the quest completed, you must make the symbol yourself, requiring 20 Mining, 20 Smithing, 16 Crafting, and 31 Prayer.
  • Jewellery items: You may level your Crafting and Magic (to enchant if needed) to obtain jewellery for these steps. We recommend gem-cutting to level Crafting. Gold bars are given from a few early quests, and can be telegrabbed from the basement of the Varrock west bank if you've run out.
  • Unholy Symbol: You may complete the Observatory quest to be able to make this.

The Giant Oyster[edit]

Access to the Giant Oyster is unlocked by a Beginner tier task, after which you can feed it when your active task requires Fishing experience, and open it on a clue scroll unique task.

After a task in Medium tier, you may feed it whenever it is available, even if you don't have an active Fishing task - however, the restriction on opening it still applies.

Bugged Achievements[edit]

There is currently an issue where the achievement 'Die! Die! Die!', awarded for the task to roll the infernal d%, does not show a popup box. A screengrab of the achievement in the interface (Skills -> Archaeology -> Zamorakian) will suffice for proof.


Some tasks may require you to start instances for boss encounters - for ironmen, instances on standard speed are free to open (even if the interface says it costs money).

It is possible to get a free Fast or Fastest speed instance by performing the following steps:

  1. Create an instance on standard speed
  2. Immediately leave the instance (e.g. up the ladder at DKs, or out through the outer door in God Wars Dungeon)
  3. Right click the door and select custom instance to re-open the instance window
  4. Change Standard to Fast/Fastest
  5. Rejoin

Your instance will now be on the new speed free of charge for an hour.

Plank Making[edit]

Courtesy of ShadowTasks

Requires completion of the Enlightened Journey quest, as well as having the Varrock balloon route unlocked.

  1. Equip a weapon or piece of armour, and travel to the Sawmill northeast of Varrock.
  2. Attempt to travel to Entrana using the balloon network.
  3. This will open a bank interface - use it to withdraw your logs and deposit any planks.
  4. Make planks from the logs you're carrying.
  5. Repeat!

Fresh Account QoL[edit]

Courtesy of Hill Giant

Skip the tutorial and prevent the actionbar resetting to default:

  1. Press F1 to open your Hero menu
  2. Navigate to Achievements tab
  3. Clear your path in the bottom right
  4. Click Skip Tutorial
  5. Select Lumbridge in the choice menu that pops up.

Joining the Clan Chat[edit]

Directions to enter clan chat as a guest.

Courtesy of Lofe

  1. Press F5 and click the social tab (2 faces)
  2. Click the clan chat symbol (yellow guy and a cog)
  3. Select the guest chat (green dot) in the bottom right corner.
  4. Click the join chat button in the bottom left corner, and type the name of the clan you wish to guest in (reminder: ours is called "TaskManiacs")

Mage Training Arena Alchemy Room[edit]

Courtesy of Billy

  • Use Low Alchemy. It gives half the exp, but is twice the speed (12 alchs/cycle for high , 22 alchs/cycle for low is easily achieveable)
  • Items rotate every 42 seconds, I have set up an interval timer here: https://www.online-stopwatch.com/full-screen-interval-timer/?c=unqvunwwe1 start the timer as soon as you see the text above the Guardians head (at the start of the room) [SOUND WARNING: TURN DOWN VOLUME]
  • Items in the cupboard are in a specific order:
  1. Leather Boots
  2. Addy Kite
  3. Addy Helm
  4. Emerald
  5. Rune Sword
  6. 3 empty cupboards

The order of items in the cupboard goes clockwise.