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When starting your official Taskman account, there are several things you might need off the bat.


Stronghold of Security[edit]

An easy 10,000gp can be claimed from the first three levels of the Stronghold of Security beneath Barbarian Village. You cannot collect the boots from the fourth level until you have the associated beginner task.

Giant Frogs[edit]

Giant frogs drop frog legs which can be sold for 1,000gp each to Hudo on the first level of the Grand Tree. The frogs are manageable with iron equipment and a combat level of around 20. They're found in the Lumbridge Swamp caves.


Silk can be bought from the Silk Trader in Al Kharid for 3gp each and sold to the Silk Merchant in Ardougne for 60gp each, giving you a profit of 57gp per silk.


Pathfinder gear[edit]

Gudrik, a retired Dwarven adventurer, is willing to hand out a set of Pathfinder armour, a tier 10 hybrid outfit which is considered best in slot until tier 20 gear can be worn. Speak to him northeast of the Port Sarim lodestone to learn more.

General combat gear[edit]

The shops around Varrock sell gear for all combat styles all the way from tier 1 to tier 40.

Further, the Champions' Guild has three shops upstairs that will sell you tier 50 gear, once you have 33 quest points.


Runes can be purchased from the following locations that are easily accessible on Beginner tier accounts - numbers in the table are the stock amounts.

Location Elemental Mind Body Nature Chaos Law Cosmic Death Blood
Aubury's Rune Shop in Varrock 300 100 100 0 30 0 0 10 0
Battle Runes, run by the Mage of Zamorak in low-level Wilderness 100 100 100 0 30 0 0 30 0
Battle Runes, after completing the Abyss (miniquest) 1,000 1,000 0 0 300 0 0 100 100
Betty's Magic Emporium in Port Sarim 300 100 100 0 30 0 0 10 0
Carwen Essencebinder Magical Runes Shop in Burthorpe 300 100 100 0 30 0 0 10 0
Lundail's Arena-side Rune Shop at the Mage Arena in deep Wilderness 1,000 1,000 1,000 300 300 100 100 300 0
Void Knight Magic Store at the Void Knight Outpost 1,000 1,000 1,000 0 300 0 0 300 0

Rune store stocks update on the daily reset.


The following options are available to players who have yet to unlock the ability to supply themselves with food through specific task completions, or who need food more potent than they can currently make themselves with unlocks:

Brimhaven’s Shrimp and Parrot Restaurant[edit]

The food store owned by Alfonse the Waiter in the northern pub in Brimhaven (near the agility arena entrance, northeast of the lodestone!) sells Cod , Tuna , Lobster , Swordfish and Cooked Karambwan at good prices. The stock refills 1/minute but it’s a solid alternative to gnome food if that’s bought out already!

Gnome Food[edit]

Gianne's Restaurant and Blurberry's Bar in the Grand Tree stock the unique cuisine of the gnomes, these will heal a set amount of life points ranging from 500-1500. You can buy it at any time, but it can be expensive for those who don't have much cash.


A Kebab can be purchased from Karim in western Al Kharid for 1gp and will heal a random amount of life points up to 1500, alongside the rare possibility of raising or lowering your stats.


Stew can be purchased from the bartender in Seers' Village for 20gp and heals 625 life points.

Moonlight Mead[edit]

Moonlight Mead can be purchased from Roavar for 5gp at the tavern in Canifis. You no longer need a quest to get into Morytania, see the FAQ for further details. This food, despite looking like a beer, can heal for 440 with no stat penalties.


The Goebie Banker on Mazcab sells a useful higher levelled food item - the Cooked eeligator heals for 1875 at most, which is stronger than most foods you'll be able to cook yourself until at least Medium tier.