Obtain the Mizuyari

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Obtain the Mizuyari
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Purchased at a cost of 5000 Chimes and Seiryu's claw. Seiryu's claw is a rare drop from Arhat, requiring a Slayer level of 96 to harm them. They can be found in the Well of Spirits which requires the completion of the mini-quest Spiritual Enlightenment. It is also possible to obtain it from any mob in the Temple of Aminishi if you are using lucky charms. This last method, however, breaks rule 2 and therefore does not apply to Taskmen.
Tier Elite
ID(s) W3E3 
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Arhat have a special attack that activates when their adrenaline bar fills, that deals 25% of max health in damage. This can be avoided by moving out of the targeted area.


  • 26 May 2020
    • Updated the task wording to indicate that the Spiritual Enlightenment mini-quest must be completed, and that using the Temple of Aminishi is no longer possible for regular taskmen.