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Slayer masters[edit]

Master Level requirements Tier+ task
Turael Lvl 3 combat Beginner tier
Mazchna Lvl 20 combat Beginner tier (No quests needed to enter Morytania)
Vannaka Lvl 40 combat Beginner tier
Chaeldar Lvl 75 combat Easy tier (Lost City completed during Medium clue tasks)
Sumona Lvl 90 combat, 35 Slayer Easy tier (Task to unlock her as Slayer master)
Duradel Lvl 100 combat, 50 Slayer Easy tier (Unlocked during medium Seers' achievement diary)
Kuradel Lvl 110 combat, 75 Slayer Medium tier
Movran Lvl 120 combat, 85 Slayer Hard tier
Mandrith Lvl 120 combat, 85 Slayer Hard tier
Laniakea Lvl 120 combat, 90 Slayer Hard tier