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Infobox Task
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Insert task description here.
Tier Beginner
RS Wiki page Main Page


  • task: The title of the task. Defaults to the page title.
  • description: The body of the task description.
  • tier: The tier the task appears in. Should be one or more of Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, Master, Legendary, God or Passive, comma separated.
  • id: A list of Id templates with the ID or IDs of this task, comma separated.
  • stars: The difficulty of the task. Only used on passives.
  • wiki: Path to the relevant wiki page on the RuneScape Wiki. Only use the part that appears after https://runescape.wiki/w/
  • wikialt: Alternative text to show as the wiki link.
  • unique: A comma-separated list of unique items that count for completion of this task (optional)
  • upt: The number of uniques required to complete the task.