Obtain a unique from either The Chaos Elemental or Revenants

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Obtain a unique from either The Chaos Elemental or Revenants
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The Chaos Elemental shares most of its drop table with the Revenants in the Forinthry Dungeon. Obtaining a unique from these will also count towards your task. The stat-boosting effect from the Stone of Jas obtained in the Glacor cave works for Revenants. Beware of PK'ers!
Tier Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, Master, Legendary
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Uniques per task 1


This task appears in tiers from Easy to Legendary, with the following breakdown:

  • Easy - 4 entries
  • Medium - 12 entries
  • Hard - 13 entries
  • Elite - 13 entries
  • Master - 12 entries
  • Legendary - 6 entries


Any of the following items count towards this task:

  • Corrupt dragon equipment
  • Statius's equipment (corrupt and regular variants)
  • Vesta's equipment (corrupt and regular variants)
  • Zuriel's equipment (corrupt and regular variants)
  • Morrigan's equipment (corrupt and regular variants)
  • Bounty Hunter alchables
    • Broken statue headdress
    • Third age carafe
    • Bronzed dragon claw
    • Ancient psaltery bridge
    • Saradomin amphora
    • Bandos scrimshaw
    • Saradomin carving
    • Zamorak medallion
    • Armadyl totem
    • Guthixian brazier
    • Ruby chalice
    • Bandos statuette
    • Saradomin statuette
    • Zamorak statuette
    • Armadyl statuette
    • Seren statuette
    • Ancient statuette
  • Ellie
  • Revenant spirit
    • There are 14 variants of this - one for each revenant type.


The Dragon 2h sword has a separate task associated with it, as it can be dropped by other monsters outside the Wilderness.


  • 18 May 2020
    • Two tasks, 2255 and NN38, were moved from Legendary to Easy tier.