Obtain a unique from the Dungeoneering reward shop

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Obtain a unique from the Dungeoneering reward shop
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Only the uniques found in the drop-down can be obtained for this task.
Tier Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, Master, Legendary, God
ID(s) 89GK V2G8 2G56 YKWY 89D3 RBRG YKBR 89BE V2DJ 2G8D 5BK2 37RJ G2M7 7ZMV K2QV BJRV Q3XM DWXG W37K 5BED 3768 G2EY 7Z62 NN2Q JGR2 R5D5 Y39Z 873Q V3BV 2Z3V EJ9Q 6M3Z Q3QB DWGX N9E4 JK8X RY7N YZ68 82MD VKEQ 
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Uniques per task 1


This task appears in every tier other than Beginner, with the following breakdown:

  • Easy - 3 entries
  • Medium - 2 entries
  • Hard - 5 entries
  • Elite - 6 entries
  • Master - 7 entries
  • Legendary - 11 entries
  • God - 6 entries

Each task requires one unique from the lists below.


The available pool of unique items to choose from expands as you move up through the tiers, as follows:


  • Smithing autoheater
  • Twisted bird skull necklace
  • Arcane pulse necklace
  • Brawler's jab necklace
  • Farsight quick shot necklace
  • Scroll of life


All of the above, plus:

  • Arcane blast necklace
  • Brawler's hook necklace
  • Farsight snap shot necklace
  • Split dragontooth necklace
  • Gem bag upgrade
  • Gold accumulator
  • Scroll of cleansing
  • Scroll of dexterity
  • Scroll of efficiency
  • Scroll of proficiency
  • Scroll of Daemonheim


All of the above, plus:

  • Scroll of gathering
  • Scroll of renewal
  • Amulet of zealots
  • Advanced smithing autoheater
  • Tome of frost
  • Anti-poison totem
  • Spirit cape
  • Mercenary's gloves
  • Ring of vigour
  • Scroll of quick teleportation
  • Sneakerpeeper


All of the above, plus:

  • Demon horn necklace
  • Magic notepaper blueprint
  • Elite Dungeoneering outfit blueprint
  • Scrimshaw of aggression + scroll
  • Scrimshaw of sacrifice + scroll
  • Scrimshaw of corruption + scroll
  • Magma golem pet
  • Demon slayer ability codex
  • Undead slayer ability codex
  • Dragon slayer ability codex

Master and above[edit]

All of the above, plus:

  • Recipe - Black stone arrows
  • Crassian scuttler pet
  • Frosty
  • Daemonheim skill-door boost
  • Mini-Blink
  • Hope Nibbler


The following items are included in tasks of their own, and do not count towards this task:

  • Gem bag
  • Herbicide
  • Bonecrusher
  • Charming imp
  • Chaotic gatestone
  • Chaotic splint
  • Advanced gold accumulator

Additionally, the following uniques do not appear in any of the task lists:

  • Gravite weapons
  • Chaotic weapons
  • Chaotic, eagle-eye and farseer kiteshields
  • Law staff
  • Nature staff
  • Meilyr potion recipe
  • Shieldbow sight
  • Gold accumulator overcharge
  • Chaotic spikes and remnants