Obtain a unique from the Dungeoneering reward shop

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Obtain a unique from the Dungeoneering reward shop
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Only the uniques found in the drop-down can be obtained for this task.
Tier Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, Master, Legendary, God
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Uniques per task 1


This task appears in every tier other than Beginner, with the following breakdown:

  • Easy - 3 entries
  • Medium - 2 entries
  • Hard - 5 entries
  • Elite - 6 entries
  • Master - 7 entries
  • Legendary - 11 entries
  • God - 6 entries

Each task requires one unique from the lists below.


The available pool of unique items to choose from expands as you move up through the tiers, as follows:


  • Smithing autoheater
  • Twisted bird skull necklace
  • Arcane pulse necklace
  • Brawler's jab necklace
  • Farsight quick shot necklace
  • Scroll of life


All of the above, plus:

  • Arcane blast necklace
  • Brawler's hook necklace
  • Farsight snap shot necklace
  • Split dragontooth necklace
  • Gem bag upgrade
  • Gold accumulator
  • Scroll of cleansing
  • Scroll of dexterity
  • Scroll of efficiency
  • Scroll of proficiency
  • Scroll of Daemonheim


All of the above, plus:

  • Scroll of gathering
  • Scroll of renewal
  • Amulet of zealots
  • Advanced smithing autoheater
  • Tome of frost
  • Anti-poison totem
  • Spirit cape
  • Mercenary's gloves
  • Ring of vigour
  • Scroll of quick teleportation
  • Sneakerpeeper


All of the above, plus:

  • Demon horn necklace
  • Magic notepaper blueprint
  • Elite Dungeoneering outfit blueprint
  • Scrimshaw of aggression + scroll
  • Scrimshaw of sacrifice + scroll
  • Scrimshaw of corruption + scroll
  • Magma golem pet
  • Demon slayer ability codex
  • Undead slayer ability codex
  • Dragon slayer ability codex

Master and above[edit]

All of the above, plus:

  • Recipe - Black stone arrows
  • Crassian scuttler pet
  • Frosty
  • Daemonheim skill-door boost
  • Mini-Blink
  • Hope Nibbler


The following items are included in tasks of their own, and do not count towards this task:

  • Gem bag
  • Herbicide
  • Bonecrusher
  • Charming imp
  • Chaotic gatestone
  • Chaotic splint
  • Advanced gold accumulator

Additionally, the following uniques do not appear in any of the task lists:

  • Gravite weapons
  • Chaotic weapons
  • Chaotic, eagle-eye and farseer kiteshields
  • Law staff
  • Nature staff
  • Meilyr potion recipe
  • Shieldbow sight
  • Gold accumulator overcharge
  • Chaotic spikes and remnants