Obtain a unique from the Legios

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Obtain a unique from the Legios
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A Slayer level of 95 is required to harm them. If you are completely out of keys, you can gather them for an hour maximum. After that hour, using the keys obtained is mandatory. If you have obtained both signets and the pet for a certain Legio you are allowed to skip that one, as you wouldn't be working towards an eligible unique for this task.
Tier Hard, Elite, Master, Legendary, God
ID YZGE 82E5 NNN5 JGGN R55Z Y339 8778 V33D 22E5 VK8R 7ZD2 K28W 37ZQ G25D E8NV 6WEY 6W8Z QGDB 
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Uniques per task 1


This task appears in tiers from Hard to God, with the following breakdown:

  • Hard - 2
  • Elite - 6
  • Master - 4
  • Legendary - 4
  • God - 2




Note that all of these signets can be collected twice for this set of tasks.


  • 26 May 2020
    • Two tasks each were added to the Hard, Master and Legendary tiers, to obtain a second set of Ascension signets.