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  1. 14Q6
  2. 16QG
  3. 1B56
  4. 1KZ5
  5. 1XD4
  6. 1Z24
  7. 3JNK
  8. 7M48
  9. Add an Omni-talisman to your wicked hood
  10. Assist the citizens of Mort'ton for good
  11. Attempt to crush a Gargoyle in the Infernal Source
  12. Bronze spear
  13. Build a memorial for the Myreque
  14. Build the tier 1 pig creation machine
  15. Buy a unique piece of the Master runecrafter robes
  16. Catch the Golden Butterfly
  17. Charge the Elder Sword engram at the Memorial to Guthix
  18. Charge the Naragi engram at the Memorial to Guthix
  19. Claim Bill's reward
  20. Claim Professor Oddenstein's reward after or upon completion of the Ernest the Chicken quest
  21. Claim all treasure from Gudrik
  22. Claim the 20th Anniversary outfit from the Wise Old Man
  23. Claim two armour sets after The Death of Chivalry
  24. Complete 5 supply runs for Captain Denulth
  25. Complete Isaura's third Zamorakian collection
  26. Complete Velucia's Second Saradominist Museum Collection
  27. Complete Velucia's third Zamorakian museum collection
  28. Complete a game of Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza and buy a bundle of Bonus Experience in a skill of choice
  29. Complete a game of Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza and buy at least 1 Patch bomb
  30. Complete a game of Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza and buy at least 1 Slayer VIP ticket
  31. Complete all unabridged Fremennik Sagas
  32. Complete both Strongholds
  33. Complete the Beginner Lumbridge achievement diary
  34. Complete the Clock Tower quest
  35. Complete the Easy Ardougne achievement diary
  36. Complete the Easy Daemonheim achievement diary
  37. Complete the Easy Desert achievement diary
  38. Complete the Easy Falador achievement diary
  39. Complete the Easy Fremennik achievement diary
  40. Complete the Easy Karamja achievement diary
  41. Complete the Easy Lumbridge achievement diary
  42. Complete the Easy Morytania achievement diary
  43. Complete the Easy New Varrock achievement diary
  44. Complete the Easy Seers' Village achievement diary
  45. Complete the Easy Varrock achievement diary
  46. Complete the Easy Wilderness achievement diary
  47. Complete the Medium Daemonheim achievement diary
  48. Complete the Medium Falador achievement diary
  49. Complete the Medium Lumbridge achievement diary
  50. Complete the Medium Seers' Village achievement diary

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